Hull Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board Strategic Plan

Our Hull Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board Strategic Plan 2024 to 2025. Work on these actions will continue or commence during 2024 and 2025, and may sometimes continue into future years.

Ambition 1: Assurance & Governance

Working with our Strategic Partners we plan to -

  1. expand our integration with other place based boards to help us engage with community organisations and members of the public
  2. include citizen-led principles within our governance arrangements
  3. consult with people in Hull each year about our future strategic plans
  4. create an Assurance, Performance and Governance Sub Group of the Board
  5. create a performance dashboard which will inform both daily practice and future strategic priorities
  6. assess how our learning identified from reviews has been embedded into working practices
  7. use feedback gathered about people’s experiences of safeguarding to inform practice

Ambition 2: To take a proactive approach to Safeguarding

Working with our Strategic Partners we plan to -

  1. hold Safeguarding Week during November to promote safeguarding awareness
  2. promote messages and campaigns using social media, and seek to display our posters and leaflets in locations across the city, such as libraries, hubs, leisure centres and healthcare venues.
  3. make better connections with universities and colleges
  4. develop a new website to share our information resources and promote our work
  5. produce new guidance about what ‘safeguarding’ is and what ‘poor quality care’ is
  6. undertake a review to ensure that people receive advocacy within safeguarding when needed, so that that their voices are heard

Ambition 3: Learning & Development to inform practice

Working with our Strategic Partners we plan to-

  1. hold an annual event to deliver the learning identified from reviews
  2. create a Training & Development sub group of the board
  3. adopt a new approach of reviewing good safeguarding practice so that others can learn from it
  4. review how we carry out Safeguarding Adults Reviews in line with the policy and statutory criteria
  5. ensure learning from Safeguarding Adults Reviews is shared with organisations in Hull
  6. seek assurance from all member organisations as to how they have put new board learning, resources, policies and procedures into practice
  7. develop learning and development opportunities to promote information sharing between practitioners and services
  8. review the board’s escalation guidance, and seek an assurance about that of member organisations

Ambition 4: Leadership

Working with our Strategic Partners we plan to -

  1. provide a forum which has ownership
  2. encourage honest, transparent discussion with appropriate challenge
  3. support the development of trauma informed practice 
  4. seek to better understand how safeguarding adults works to protect people with care and support needs who are experiencing multiple disadvantage